באנר לדף תרומות אנגלית

With your help, Aspaklaria Theater can bring light and respite to Israeli children and youth traumatized by the war.

Over 200,000 Israelis in the south and north have been directly and devastatingly affected by the war – physically and emotionally – and evacuated from their homes.
To uplift their spirits, Aspaklaria’s 50-strong theater troupe are traveling around the country to entertain them, free of charge.

We have already performed over 60 shows in the last month.


These performances normally cost $1000 each.
We’re aiming to put on 480 shows in the coming months, at a total cost of approximately $480,000.

!We need your help though

Please join us in providing a little healing and joy to Israeli children suffering from stress, anxiety and the pain inflicted by war.


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