Dead End

Dvir Shreiber
Uri Weill
Joseph Fackenheim, Tim Welham
זמן ההצגה:
60 minutes

על ההצגה:

Jake, a successful New York lawyer, finds himself in a NYC park at midnight searching for his daughter, Sara, who ran away from home after an argument with her parents.

While at the park he meets Aaron, a troubled teen from a religious family, who is hanging out with his friends.

While each one sees the other as a nuisance, gradually Jake realizes that Aaron can help him understand his daughter, and Aaron finds someone he can open up to, because he is a stranger.

In our complex contemporary world, an ever increasing number of teens and young adults are dealing with emotional anguish. This stress sometimes deteriorates into self-destructive behavior, possibly leading to substance abuse. Often, this occurs due to a lack of communication that impeded a proper response to a deeper emotional need.

This production strives to stimulate discussion and communication as a tool for managing relationships between adults and adolescents.

Suitable for teenagers and their parents, educators, youth workers, and anyone who cares about youth.