Scenes from Life

Dramatic reconstruction as a tool for enhancing daily interactions

Ever had an interaction that you wished had gone differently? If only you'd said or done this instead of that, everything would be different...
Now, you can revisit those moments and rewrite those ends. In this workshop, you will learn basic improvisation and performance skills, and use them to recreate scenes from daily life. We will run through those scenes, tweaking and rewriting, until we all agree that we have the best version of the event in question. This is a sometimes poignant, often hilarious process, where participants get to work on their communication habits, rewrite daily exchanges, and improve the discourse of their daily life.
In this two-hour workshop, you will:

  • Acquire fundamental skills of improvisation and performance
  • Examine and perform scenes from daily life
  • Rewrite them as deemed necessary (or funny)
  • Rediscover the endless potential outcomes of routine conversations